Welcome to Mamurtech

Mamurtech offers an exclusive collection of electric and gas hobs to provide a remarkable taste experience in your kitchen. In-built molding and machinery facilities assure regimented production process from raw material to end product under guidance of highly skilled engineers.

Mamurtech supplies most of the basic materials from group companies for our customers to obtain highest benefit and satisfaction from our gas hobs. This flexibility allows us to present our imagination with unique hob designs whose parts are compatible with each other. Thereby, an inclusive product portfolio is expanding constantly to cover customer demands.


Our Motivation

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Customer Oriented

The consumers and their needs are at the center of Mamurtech's developments.

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Wide Range of Products

Mamurtech offers a wide range of products for a variety of different customers and needs.

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Customized Products

We aim to provide high-quality customizable products for your specific needs.

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Short Lead Time

Mamurtech is constantly developing to provide rapid service and short lead time.